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How To Manage The Narrow Living Room Interior Design

Tuesday, December 1 2015

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Now we browse the existing rooms in our house …. how to arrange the living room that is not too broad?. Perhaps before going into the Interior Living Room, it helps us know the character of the spaces that exist within our homes. Just as the living room is a public space which is the intermediary space between the activities of the most open in our home that is welcoming guests and other activities that are more in need of privacy. The living room will reflect the character of the residents, as reflected in the vast space, the selection and arrangement of furniture and that is not less important is the selection of wall colors. Psychologically you will feel immediately ‘at home’ when visiting at someone’s house when the living room quite spacious, neat and comfortable furniture and wall color provides warmth, reflecting the owner was always open to anyone who visited her home.

Comfortable Narrow Living Room with White Sofa and Rug on Wooden Floor

But again a lot of priorities we have to precedence in our house especially with the limited land area, so do not be discouraged if the living room in our house potluck impressed with a mediocre area. We can arrange to categorize guests who visit our homes. If he comes just a moment we can accept it in our Small Living Room, because it is only necessary business only. But if that comes indeed people who are already near or our relatives, it should be entertained in the living room a more spacious and more felt  familiar.

 Narrow Living Room with Grey Wall Painting and White Sofa Furniture

With a Spacious Living Room is limited, you should not put furniture in large sizes. You can use 1 set sofa two seat wide enough to seat 60 cm or it could be with 2 sets of seats guests a place to sit. Put the coffee table (coffee table) in front of the sofa if it is not possible due to limited space, it can be placed beside the sofa or in between two guest chairs. As a room accent can be added also potted plant next to a sofa or a vase on the coffee table. Other accessories are paintings or drawings with a frame measuring 20 cm x 30 cm arranged in a row.

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What about the wall color? Making a difference in color on the wall is one of the tricks that distract the impression that a Narrow Living Room be felt. Use a matching color blend or derivative with a single color field wall made of contrasts. If your room has 3 or 4 side walls, Apply a slightly darker color as the background or a background that is the position of the wall where there are no opening windows or doors. Put the guest sofa or chair on the side of this wall and on it can be added to frames of paintings or drawings which are lined with the same theme so that the room was more ‘welcome’. The addition of carpet in front of the sofa can also be an alternative to warm the stronger impression.

Narrow Luxurious Living Room Furniture Arrangement

You can use the color brown and its derivatives, since this color will give the impression of ‘warm’ or can also use the color green and derivatives, which will give the impression of ‘fresh’, so although small, but it feels nice and comfortable. The combination of contrasting color with white color also could be an alternative because the white color is neutral. But if we also floor and ceiling are white, then the room will seem boring. Therefore, the selection of color combinations should be viewed from all aspects. If the bright wall color then use furniture and accessories, dark, and vice versa. Election curtains I also recommend not using fabric curtains that seem heavy, but could use a roman blind or roller blind that is lighter or can be by horizontal blinds are made from wood or fabric.

Decoration Neat Narrow Living Room With Fireplace

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